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Prosolar offer full package solar PV installations for both domestic and commercial premises which are tailored to suit your individual requirements. Together we can build a clean, affordable energy future.

We are a well-established solar specialist with a host of happy customers across Ireland enjoying the many benefits of solar energy. Our qualified team are experts in the industry with a vast amount of experience and extremely efficient. We offer state of the art sophisticated PV systems.


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3 people live in the house

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Estimated no. of panels


Peak output of system

2.1 kW

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Net Cost of System


Estimated Annual Production

1,714 kWh

Value of electricity produced 


CO2 avoided per annum

568 kg

The annual CO2 savings would be approximately equivalent to a short-haul flight to Athens.

Note - certain assumptions have been made, such as an electricity cost of 18c per kWh, and the SEAI provided emissions figure of 331.4 gCO2 per kWh of electricity consumed.  These results are for illustrative purposes only - a full proposal will be made following the survey.

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Forest Trees

Make a 


We need to reduce our carbon footprint to ensure that our planet continues to be a good home for us, our children and the living things, that we share it with.

In Ireland, most of our electricity is generated from fossil fuels such as gas, oil and coal.  The rest is generated from renewable sources such as hydro, wind and solar.

Based on figures from the SEAI, on average, it takes 0.34kg of CO2 to produce each kWh of electricity.

A typical domestic solar PV system of 2kW will save 600kg of CO2 emissions. 

If we all generate some of our own electricity, it will make a big difference to the health of our planet.


Top 5 reasons to go solar

Reduces Carbon Emissions - Good for the Environment

A typical domestic solar PV system of 2kW will save 600kg of CO2 emissions. If we all generate some of our own electricity, it will make a big difference to the health of our planet.

Saves Money
Solar Power Is a free source of energy.  The power generated from a solar PV system is used in the home, business, or on the farm. Less electricity needs to be purchased from the electricity supplier.


Enhanced property value - Improved BER rating 

The installation of a solar PV system improves the BER rating of the building where it is installed.  This can have a very positive effect in raising the property value.

Solar Power Creates Jobs and Economic Growth in Ireland

Installation of solar panels reduces our imports of fossil fuels and creates jobs in Ireland instead.  Many people are employed in installing solar power systems.


Improves the security of our energy supply

Most of the energy which we import comes from faraway countries which may not be politically stable.  This may cause interruptions in our energy supply in the future.  The use of renewable energy from solar PV helps protect us from these interruptions.