Our simple calculator can give you an idea of what sized Solar PV system might work in your house.  Simply select the options below to see the results.

3 people live in the house


Estimated no. of panels


Peak output of system

2.1 kW

Capital Cost


Grant Available


Net Cost of System


Estimated Annual Production

1,713.60 kWh

Value of electricity produced 


CO2 avoided per annum

568.00 kgCO2

The annual CO2 savings would be approximately equivalent to a short-haul flight to Athens.

Note - certain assumptions have been made, such as an electricity cost of 18c per kWh, and the SEAI provided emissions figure of 331.4 gCO2 per kWh of electricity consumed.  These results are for illustrative purposes only - a full proposal will be made following the survey.