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Take control of your home energy with Prosolar. Lower your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills by choosing solar panels to power your home. We offer full SOLAR PV packages that are

installed by our qualified team of experts.  


We make solar power

work for you

Why choose Prosolar?

Our technical ability and industry  knowhow allows us to provide and install the best Solar PV package for your home or business. 

We are well-established solar specialists, with a host of happy customers across Ireland who are enjoying the many benefits of solar energy. 


We offer state of the art sophisticated Solar PV systems and we are passionate about the technology that makes it all happen.  

Together we can build a clean, affordable energy future.

Top 5 Reasons to go solar

Reduces Carbon Emissions - Good for the Environment. A typical domestic solar PV system of 2kW will save 600kg of CO2 emissions. If we all generate some of our own electricity, it will make a big difference to the health of our planet.

Saves Money. Solar Power Is a free source of energy.  The power generated from a solar PV system is used in the home, business, or on the farm. Less electricity needs to be purchased from the electricity supplier.


Enhance the value of your property. The installation of a solar PV system improves the BER rating of the building where it is installed.  This can have a very positive effect in raising the property value.

Solar Power Creates Jobs and Economic Growth in Ireland. Installation of solar panels reduces our imports of fossil fuels and creates jobs in Ireland instead.  Many people are employed in installing solar power systems.


Improves the security of our energy supply

Most of the energy which we import comes from faraway countries which may not be politically stable.  This may cause interruptions in our energy supply in the future.  The use of renewable energy from solar PV helps protect us from these interruptions.

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Take control of your energy supply

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